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In 1980, Cascade Christian Home, a non-profit agency, was started by a group of caring parents to serve 12 developmentally disabled adults in a residential environment in Lynden, WA.

In 1991, the name was changed to Cascade Christian Services to reflect agency growth from one group home to two group homes and a new supported living program. The agency had grown from serving 12 people to serving 30 people in its residential programs. The staff also grew in that time from a few employees to around 30 employees.

There have been many changes at the agency since 1991, and the agency expects to continue to grow in the future. When the name change occurred in 1991, the agency did not provide vocational services, home care services or have a training center. The agency now serves over 150 people in the vocational division, 60 people in the residential division and has almost 200 employees. Recently, the agency started providing training to other agencies and other community members. The training department has been training not only our staff but employees from other agencies. An online training program is being developed so people from all over the state can have access to our training center.

In 2014, the agency focused an effort on re-branding, and as a result, the company name was changed to Cascade Connections. The agency also went through an internal reorganization to make the agency more efficient in preparations for future growth and to offer more services to a wider, more diverse audience, some of whom don’t receive any services. It is possible that the agency could double in size in the next five years in terms of clients and employees. It was for these reasons that the agency refocused and pulled together by renaming, re-branding and reorganizing while still keeping the Christian values that have made the organization strong and unique.