Mission & Values

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Our Mission Statement

Empowering individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life.

Values Statement

Service Excellence – Maintaining quality staff and services requires wisdom,expertise, respect and integrity.
Integrity – Doing what we say and taking responsibility for our actions and words. We hold each other accountable to the Mission and Values of Cascade Connections.
Empowerment – Striving to provide people with tools, skills and connections to build a more positive future.
Competencies – Delivering services that meet physical, emotional, spiritual,mental, social and environmental needs.
Christian Leadership – Adhering to bring glory to God and serve their fellow human kind.
Servant Leadership – Leading by example and putting others’ needs and desires before our own. We are humble stewards of organizational resources:human, financial and physical.
Equal Opportunity – Supporting personal growth through power and choice,competence, health and safety,positive relationships, status and integration. All people are created equal.
Individualized Services – Providing services from a person centered perspective.