Supported Living

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Supported Living mission statement: We work as a team to support adults with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in their own homes and to thrive in their communities.


Since our humble beginnings, Cascade Connections has grown and now serves 39 adults who live in their own homes as part of our Supported Living program. Our Supported Living program continues to accept new clients.

Essential to our work is offering our clients:

  • Respect
  • Individuality
  • Equal opportunity
  • Christian leadership
  • Growth and independence
  • Community integration

It is imperative that our clients feel they have the same access to community activities, jobs, dreams, trips, and plans as any other community member. While health and safety are at the forefront of our daily work, we are also mindful to encourage as much independence as possible, and to foster relationships with family and members of our community.

Services Provided

Supported Living program offers support to adults ages 18 and over who live in their own homes.

The hours of service provided is based upon need and safety concerns. Some clients require just a few hours of help per week, while others have 24-hour support. Clients pay their own rent, utilities, food and other personal expenses.

Supports may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal care
  • Financial support, budgeting, and bill paying
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Support making and attending medical appointments
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Community integration

Sites and Settings

  • Apartment cluster near downtown Lynden with 24-hour staff supervision
  • Duplex, serving two participants with 24-hour staff supervision
  • Three bedroom home with three clients and 24-hour staff supervision
  • Other home settings in Lynden with drop-in staff
  • Other home settings in Bellingham and Blaine with drop-in staff