Board of Directors

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Joe Tejeda, President
Joe Tejeda is a husband, father of three, and commercial insurance broker at Rice Insurance, based in Bellingham. When he isn’t enjoying his work or family, he is dedicated to spending his time working with causes close to his heart. Joe is one of six siblings, growing up in the Northern California foothills. Growing up in a large family that was both wonderful and layered, he had an older brother with a mental disability. Watching his brother excel and create a life outside of his disabilities motivated Joe to want to help others do the same. Outside of Cascade Connections, Joe finds celebrating and supporting his brother in the programs he is active in to be a rewarding and positive way to stay involved in his life.

Beth Strotz, Treasurer

Rebecca Kirkland, Vicar

Mark Hildebrand, Board Member

Deborah Thibodeau, Board Member
Deborah was baptized on Easter Sunday, 2015. She joined the Cascade Connections Board in May, 2015 as she was interested in volunteering with a Christian based organization. She has a nephew with Muscular Dystrophy who has been wheel-chair bound for the last 15 years or so. Therefore, she can identify with individuals with disabilities.

She runs a home-based business called The Simply Organized Bride. She doesn’t do wedding planning but, rather, what she calls “wedding industry promotion”. She works with local wedding vendor businesses and help them connect with the brides who need their services. She manages a self-help website for brides which is over 100 pages and offers links and listings to local businesses. The website also offers a 50-page wedding planning guide that she wrote, as well as articles to assist brides with their wedding planning. She also organize a bridal show once a year (she has done 10 so far). She hopes to use her contacts and experience to help the board plan and organize their fund-raising events.

Larry Stegink, Board Member

Suzanne Hansen, Board Member

Michael Adams, Board Member

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