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NEW! More Alike Than Different

If you missed our fundraising event, The Hamster Ball on November 9, 2018, here is the video we played at the event. You can join us in making a difference in someone’s life by donating or sharing the video. Thank you.

Cascade Connections – Everyone Matters

Cascade Connections is proud to introduce our new video describing the work we do here in Whatcom County. Watch this video to learn about the different services we provide.
A Message from Executive Director

George Beanblossom, Executive Director of Cascade Connections, talks about Cascade Connection’s history and what makes the organization special.

Home Care Customer Testimonial

Hilde, whose son receives services through Cascade Connections Home Care, talks about some of the benefits Home Care has provided for her family and some of the reasons she would recommend Cascade Connections to other families.
Home Care Employee Testimonial

Damian, a home care aid in the Cascade Connections Home Care program, talks about what it’s like to work at Cascade Connections, and why he finds it to be such a rewarding job.

Supported Living Customer Testimonial #1

Kayla, a customer of the Bellingham Supported Living program at Cascade Connections, talks about what it’s like to be part of the program and some of the ways Bellingham Supported Living has allowed her to live a more fulfilling life.
Supported Living Customer Testimonial #2

Mark, a customer of Cascade Supported Living and a board member at Cascade Connections, talks about his past and some of the ways Cascade Connections has positively affected his life.

Vocational Services Employer Testimonial

Sherry, a representative from Haggen Food & Pharmacy talks about how Teri, a Cascade Connections Vocational Services customer, has worked at Haggen for 10 years now. She talks about the positive impact Teri has made in their workplace.
Wheelchair Van Fundraising

This is a video from Cascade Connections’ successful 2017 fundraiser to buy a new wheelchair van to allow more freedom for customers. The project was successfully funded and the wheelchair van was purchased at the end of 2017.


Radio Interviews:

NEW! 2018 Recruitment Event

Jake and Mary share their passion for Cascade Connections, its mission, and why you should come work with us and upcoming Recruitment Event. (Transcript)

2018 Hamster Ball Commercial

Kristin Nguyen talks about The Fourth Annual Hamster Ball. (Transcript)

Supported Living Program – Clients Testimonial

Mary and Nikki talk a bit about Cascade Connections’ Supported Living programs, and what they do. Tim and Kayla, two clients in our Bellingham Supported Living program,  just recently moved out of their parents’ house. They chat about what it was like being on their own and about the supports they receive from Cascade Connections. (Transcript)

Teachers And Students Can And Do Work Here

Mary, Becky, and Mekayla talk about why Cascade Connections is a great place to work. Becky and Mekayla both work hands on with clients in Cascade Connections Residential Programs and talk about what a rewarding job caregiving is, and how great and flexible of a job it can be for students and other people who have specific scheduling needs. (Transcript)

Cascade Connections Recruitment Event

Mary, Katie, and Jake talk about Cascade Connections as a great work place. Katie and Jake, advocates at the Bellingham Supported Living program, talk about what the “Advocate” job is really like and about what it’s like to work at Cascade Connections. They also talk about the Recruitment Event that was held in September 2017. (Transcript)

Home Care – Family Testimonial 1

Hilde, whose son gets services through Cascade Connections Home Care, talks about how much Home Care has helped her family and what she likes about the program. (Transcript)

Home Care – Family Testimonial 2

Susan, whose son gets services through Cascade Connections Home Care, talks about the service her family gets through Home Care and how much she appreciates the program. (Transcript)

Vocational Services – Kristin Nguyen

Kristin, who works in the Vocational Department at Cascade Connections talks about the services Cascade Connections offers, focusing on the Vocational Department. (Transcript)