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Our non-profit agency provides services to people with disabilities and their communities. In 1980, Cascade Connections began by serving 12 adults with developmental disabilities in a residential environment. Over the last several decades, we have expanded to support hundreds of individuals through various programs specifically designed to fit their needs.

Today, we continue our mission by offering specially designed programs to assist older adults and individuals with developmental disabilities. Our programs include home caresupported living, training, vocational services, and a group training home.


Our Mission Statement

Empowering individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life.

Our Values Statement

Service Excellence

Maintaining quality staff and services, which requires wisdom, expertise, respect, and integrity.


Doing what we say and taking responsibility for our actions and words. We hold each other accountable to the Mission and Values of Cascade Connections.


Striving to provide people with tools, skills, and connections to build a more positive future.


Delivering services that meet physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, and environmental needs.

Christian Leadership

Adhering to bring glory to God and serve their fellow humankind.

Servant Leadership

Leading by example and putting others’ needs and desires before our own. We are humble stewards of organizational resources: human, financial, and physical.

Equal Opportunity

Supporting personal growth through power and choice, competence, health and safety, positive relationships, status, and integration. All people are created equal.

Individualized Services

Providing services from a person-centered perspective.


Partnering together to create a barrier-free community. Belonging is a two-way street, and everyone benefits from inclusion.


Cascade Connections began as Cascade Christian Services in 1976 by creating a group home, which opened in Lynden in 1980 to support 12 individuals with developmental disabilities. Since then, Cascade Connections has learned to adapt to the needs of our community. Cascade Connections’ Supported Living program was created initially to serve those folks who lived in the original group home and were ready to move into their own apartments. This allowed people with developmental disabilities to have the support they needed in order to live independently in their community.

Cascade Connections also operated a children’s home in the Mt. Vernon area for a few years. This home is no longer in operation, but many of the people who lived there are now supported through Cascade Connections Supported Living Program. In 2007, we opened Pine Street home, an adult family home also in the Lynden area. This home served up to six gentlemen to live in a home owned by Cascade Connections. This home was staffed 24 hours in order to ensure people receive supports to live independently. Pine Street Home has since closed, but most of the individuals who lived there are now served by Cascade Connections Supported Living.

Cascade Connections began serving people vocationally in 1992 in response to the needs of two individuals living in the original group home. Our vocational support for those individuals led to more referrals and more job placements. Cascade Connections began contracting with the Whatcom County Health Department to provide long-term vocational support services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Later, Cascade Connections became a provider for services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. This allowed Cascade Connections to begin serving individuals with non-developmental disabilities, such as brain injuries and mental health disorders, in addition to those with developmental disabilities.

Cascade Connections also provides Home Care services that support people to live in their own home, either alone or with family. Our home care aides are able to support people to meet their daily needs such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, shopping and appointments. Our Home Care program serves children and adults, including senior citizens.

The youngest department within our agency is the Training Department. Over the many years of providing services, our country, our state, and our county have added additional training requirements. Out of a need to ensure we are able to hire and train the best employees in our area, Cascade Connections created our training department. They offer training to all new staff, as well as community members. Staff are able to come into our organization and gain the skills, abilities, and confidence that helps us to ensure our customers receive the best services possible.

In 2014, our agency went through an internal reorganization to improve efficiency, prepare for future growth, and offer more services to a more diverse audience. As part of a re-branding effort, our agency changed its name from Cascade Christian Services to Cascade Connections. These rebranding and reorganization efforts have helped us to grow while retaining the Christian values that make this organization strong and unique. We anticipate continued growth over the next few years, and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Cascade Connections!