Vocational Services

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Vocational Services works with Bellingham and Whatcom County businesses to find creative solutions that increase diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. We do that by providing employment services to people with disabilities in our community.

Jobs Change Lives (2019)

Everyone can contribute. Everyone can give something. We are all part of the community.

Benefits for Whatcom County Businesses
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  • Access to qualified job candidates
  • Enhance company image
  • Increase workforce diversity
  • Simplify recruitment and hiring
  • Information and education
  • Subcontracted custodial and landscaping services

Benefits for Individuals with Disabilities
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  • Help with getting and keeping a job
  • Job coaching and on-site support
  • Goal setting and career consulting
  • Resume writing and interviewing skills practice
  • Empowerment and advocacy

Quotes From Employers

  • “Our clients like that we use Cascade Connections Vocational Services’ applicants to work on their properties.” – Nancy Bjerke, Continental Property Management
  • “It’s an honor to have our employee and your job coach here. They work well together and respond quickly to any changes or concerns.” – Evergreen Supported Living
  • “Jayson gets more customer compliments than anyone in the store. People love Jayson!” – Derry, Safeway, Lynden, Washington
  • “Every person deserves to have a job. They [people with disabilities] are hard working individuals. Be open minded.” – Tony Nguyen, Soy House Owner*

*When Tony was asked if he had any reservations about hiring people with disabilities, he replied, “No. As long as they can come to work and do their job, we are alright. That’s why we let applicants try out the position and if we see they can do it, we hire them.”