Radio Transcript: Home Care – Family Testimonial 1

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ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, connecting people with disabilities to services including home care, residential programs, and employment opportunities. Hilde, a parent of one of Cascade’s clients, tells us more.

HILDE: Well, our son lives with us, in our home, with my husband and I, and he needs 24/7 care. So I really appreciate the help my husband and I get from care aides so that we, as care providers and parents, we get a little break. We can take care of each other you know, and just don’t have a burn out. We need the care providers to bring Mattias to the local programs and there are a lot of wonderful programs in Bellingham and work opportunities, but he needs an assistant to go there. I feel like I’m just part of a good team, you know, that listens to me and addresses our son’s needs and also respects our input.

ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, offering home care, residential programs, employment services, and empowering individuals with disabilities to live, work, and be a part of our community.