Radio Transcript: Home Care – Family Testimonial 2

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ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, connecting people with disabilities to services including home care, residential programs, and employment opportunities. Susan, the mother of one of Cascade’s clients, tell us about her experience. Susan, what’s your experience been like working with Cascade Connections?

SUSAN: They’re a huge help to me. They give Ian their patient, undivided attention. Me, being Ian’s mother, I can ignore him sometimes, but the care aides do not do that. I truly appreciate all of the care aides that have been involved in Ian’s life. They kick butt. And I’d also like to tack on that I’m hopeful for the future because of the care aides who have been, and currently are in our lives. They are selfless servants, and they give me hope for the future.

ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, offering home care, residential programs, employment services, and empowering individuals with disabilities to work and be a part of our community.