Radio Transcript: Vocational Services – Kristin Nguyen

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ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, connecting people with disabilities to services including home care, residential programs, and employment opportunities. Kristin Nguyen tells us more.

KRISTIN: So, Cascade Connections, our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life. We essentially support people in their whole lives. We support people to live either in homes or apartments, some folks have 24 hour support, some have just a few hours of supports a week, helping with shopping, personal care, cooking, baking, that sort of thing.

ANNOUNCER: What does your job at Cascade Connections entail?

KRISTIN: I work in the Vocational Department. So we work with hundreds of local employers who have made a commitment to thinking about their hiring needs a little bit differently. Yeah, we couldn’t do what we do without our community partners.

ANNOUNCER: Cascade Connections, offering home care, residential programs, employment services, and empowering individuals with disabilities to live, work, and be a part of our community.