Home Care – Family Testimonial

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Heather is a bright young woman who has been with Cascade Connections Home Care since 2013. We took the opportunity to ask Faith, Heather’s mother, about their experience with Cascade Connections over the past few years.


How would you describe Heather and her life up to now?
“Heather is an amazing 15-year-old who was born with multiple disabilities, including severe motor and speech delays, vision issues, and sensory integration dysfunction. Six years ago, a seizure disorder was added to her list. Functionally, she loves people and interacting with life in many ways. She makes others laugh with her wonderful sense of humor and being ‘silly’ as she says. Heather attends a LifeSkills class at school and looks forward to seeing her friends there. As a family, we are blessed with lots of relatives and friends who include her in all activities. One of Heather’s favorite times each year is at the holidays when all 33 of her dad’s family get together to celebrate and she can see every cousin, aunt and uncle.”

What are some of the best moments you and Heather have had with our care aides?
“Caregivers for Heather are like big sisters or aunts that come and hang out with her. Honestly, she is like any other teenage girl who pretty much gets tired of having her mom around too much! Heather loves having books read to her and doing five puzzles at once with someone next to her. She likes to take a caregiver to her room and sit on the bed and ‘talk’ about life – just like a typical teenager. Other highlights for her have been going to the library and exploring through lots of books, carving pumpkins or making cookies, and going to Edaleen Dairy for vanilla milkshakes with her favorite caregiver coming with us next to her in the car. She just loves having a friend along!”

What would you tell another parent thinking about working with Cascade Connections?
“I have found Cascade to be very conscious about understanding Heather and our family in order to coordinate the best match possible with a caregiver and our family. We appreciate this tremendously as a caregiver truly needs to become a part of our family to make everyone feel comfortable. Cascade has been willing to work with our schedule and our ‘favorite’ caregivers to maximize our time together.”

Is there a time that a Cascade home care aide has gone above and beyond for Heather and your family?home_care_story
“I feel our caregivers go above and beyond every shift as they have made themselves an integral part of our lives. Their attitudes are positive and they truly desire to help Heather and our family in whatever way they can. I have found my dishes done and kitchen clean because ‘Heather helped me do it.’ Both of our current regular caregivers have patiently sat with Heather for an hour or more during a seizure episode, talking gently to her, stroking her hair, and watching for her safety. They love her and she adores them. Every day, the first thing Heather talks about is who is coming today and she is very upset if there is no caregiver on the schedule!”

We appreciate Faith’s willingness to share some of Heather’s amazing story and their experience with Cascade Connections. We are honored to be a part of Heather’s life and seeing her blossom into an amazing woman.