Student Class Evaluation

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    Student: Please complete this form as it is a course requirement for your instructor. We greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

    Instructor: This form, or one that collects the same information, is required per your contract in the Special Terms and Conditions section on Records Maintenance. It should be completed by each student for each class at the end of the course. The evaluations are used to complete the Student Evaluation Summary Report, and both forms are maintained by your business per contract Terms and Conditions.

    Course: The course taken by the student which they are evaluating.

    Date(s) and Time of Class: Provide the date(s) and time of the class.

    Instructor Name(s): The name of the person, or persons, who taught the class. List all instructors who taught the class.

    Physical Address of Class: The location that the class was taught. Must provide the physical address (including city) on this form.

    Evaluation Grid: Check the box in the column indicating how much you agree with the statements provided. For example, with the first statement, if you strongly agree that the training objectives for the class were met, check the box in Column 5.

    In the space below the grid, please provide additional suggestions for training topics and/or comments.

    Core Basic TrainingOrientation / SafetyContinuing Education*ND CoreND DiabetesMental HealthDementiaAdult EducationPopulation - SpecificUnderstanding Coronavirus

    Date(s) and Time of Class

    Instructor Name(s) - Hold Shift key to select multiple names

    Physical Address of Class

    If "OTHER", please provide the location of the class.

    Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements below:
    5 = Strongly Agree
    4 = Agree
    3 = Neutral
    2 = Disagree
    1 = Strongly Disagree

    The objectives of the training were clearly defined.

    The content was organized and easy to follow.

    The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics.

    The trainer was well prepared.

    Participation and interaction were encouraged.

    The training objectives were met.

    The materials distributed were helpful.

    The meeting room and facilities were adequate and comfortable.

    *Continuing Education Topic(s)


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