Health and Safety Annual Training

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Cascade Connections promotes safety of all persons served and personnel. All staff are trained on safety procedures when hired, but things change and we need reminders. This is your annual safety training.

  1. Read Cascade Connections Health and Safety Training handout.
  2. Read DSHS Safety Training handout.
  3. Fill out the form below.

    Type your answers to the following questions.

    1. Where is your location’s evacuation meeting place for each location that you currently work at?

    2. Where is your location of the Emergency contact list for each location you currently work at?

    3a. Where are the first aid kits at each location you currently work at?

    3b. Who is assigned to grab them in the event of an emergency?

    4a. Who is assigned to do roll call once evacuation is complete and staff/clients are gathered at meeting place?

    4b. What form is used to ensure all staff and clients are accounted for?

    5a. What are your program requirements for 3-day emergency supplies in the event of a natural disaster?

    5b. Where are these stored for each client?

    6. In the event of evacuation of multiple clients, are staff trained on the mobility specifics and procedures of each client at that location?

    7. What is the procedure of evacuation in the event of a fire on overnight shift, especially at locations where multiple clients are present with one overnight staff?

    8. How often are fire drills practiced at each location, and where is this documented and stored at?

    9a. Does your program have designated temporary shelters in the event of an emergency evacuation of each location such as a tsunami or tornado?

    9b. Is all staff trained on the procedure of relocating to a safe zone location?

    9c. Please give a brief description of what this would look like from notification procedure to notification of arrival to agency and family?

    10. How are your staff trained on client specific emergency procedures? Such as: a wheelchair bound client who is choking?

    11. What are your locations' procedures in the event of a medical emergency?

    12. Is your location or locations equipped with fire extinguishers? Do staff practice the “PASS” procedure for proper use of one? (Please make PASS laminated cards to be displayed by all fire extinguishers) *Send copy of one at submission of monthly topic

    13a. In the event of a power outage, does each client have flashlights and back up batteries?

    13b. Where are these located?

    13c. Are staff trained on where these are stored?

    14a. Who is assigned to check supplies for First Aid kits, flashlights & batteries, smoke alarm batteries, Carbon Dioxide detectors (If applicable), 3-5 days emergency supply kits?

    14b. Where is documentation of checks kept?

    14c. How often are they checked and resupplied?

    15a. In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest or breathing emergency, are staff aware of the requirement to perform CPR even if there is a DNR?

    15b. If there is an exception to state policy on resuscitation, where is this posted?

    16. When was the last time you evaluated the comfort level of all staff on safety procedures?

    17a. Are all staff aware and clear on the procedure if there is ever a car accident?

    17b. What if clients are involved?

    17c. What has been done to ensure medical personnel have access to necessary medical information for those involved in the accident if no one is responsive?

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

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